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This is a page of reviews but there are also some insightful musings about BDSM that people I’ve sessioned with have written to me following our sessions. All have been posted with the individual’s permission. I think it will give you a better understanding of my style of play.


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June 2017 Session Review form LN after our first session:

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Lady Sophia for the first time at her Chicago Dungeon.  I’ve “been around the block” before and have had mixed experiences with a variety of ProDommes in Chicago and other cities.

Lady Sophia is more beautiful and genuine than her site can project.  Her dungeon is easy to find, located in a gentrifying and relatively safe neighborhood.  She greeted me at the door with a friendly and professional demeanor.  I was immediately attracted to her smile and her penetratingly beautiful eyes framed in sexy glasses.  She is smart, friendly, mesmerizing, and the ultimate professional.

More than any provider I’ve experienced, Lady Sophia is skilled in engaging me to share and explore the waterfront of my needs, desires and fantasies.  In a most relaxed way, she learned why I had come to her, what my most deep fetishes and fantasies are, what my experiences have been, and the many unmet fantasies I need to explore.

Many of these things had never been verbalized, having lived alone in my mind for literally years.  These fantasies, fetishes and needs range across a wide spectrum, from submission, humiliation and cross dressing, to Femdom, forced bi, cuckolding and more.   Lady Sophia easily relaxed me and drew these and other details from me.

After a few minutes, the “friendly and professional” exploration came to an end.  She demanded and received absolute control of my mind and body.  Her voice and touch took control of me.  Time became relative, as all I could do is be in the immediate moment.  I was immersed in only the sound of her voice, the heat of her touch and my sensations of pleasure as she skillfully pulled the strings between my mind and body.  I explored subspace I have rarely known.  I was content, relaxed and at peace for hours following the session.

In an hour session I explored dimensions of submission and humiliation I had only hoped for when I scheduled our session.   Lady Sophia has a blueprint of my needs, wants and desires well into the future.  I will return soon to have her lead me further on a journey I need and must take.

Thank you Lady Sophia. — LN

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Privately Submitted Reviews of Sessions

M.F.’s Shoe worship and sound session. Sounds are medical tools: stainless steel urethral dilating rods inserted using sterile medical lubricant.

Nurse Sophia with Sounds

“I booked for only an hour. I wished I had more booked for more time. Domination is not an act for her. It’s who she is. She is quite comfortable in her skin. She is an intelligent person she just knows what makes you click. She gets inside of you somehow. Don’t go and see her if you aren’t prepared to fully submit. I gave her some detail on my interests but made sure that she knew that for me the session really is about what makes her happy. I know I will return for I wish to submit to her even more the next time.

You will want to submit to her and make her happy too…

I was a little early and looked for street parking space with no luck. Then I remembered the play space has its own lot so I went there. I called Lady Sophia to let her know that I parked and was ready for her next command. I was given instructions on how to enter her dungeon. I did exactly as she had asked. I entered and a second later and the angel that she is was dressed as I was hoping for with open toe high heel shoes and this killer outfit. She walked to me and took my hand and said “come with me M.F.”. Her voice was very feminine, sexy, and cheerful, she smiles. With just one glance from those eyes of hers I was taken. I was shown to a room where we talked and went over some ground rules. As asked for by me she took a blindfold and covered my eyes, was told to strip and to let my clothes fall as they may. She took my hand once again and lead me out of the room. Once out of the room she turned me around three or four times as to not know where I was headed. My heart was racing with excitement. She made it very clear to me that this was her dungeon and that she was in charge. I could feel that I was dripping with excitement. In fact as I compose this review I’ve started dripping from just thinking about what had happened and what I’m thinking about for my next visit.

We walked into another room she told me to just stand there. There was music playing. I was asked – “are you ready M.F.”? I responded – “Yes my Lady I wish to be yours”. She walked me forward and was told to raise my hands. She tied my hands up on the Saint Andrew’s Cross, then my legs where tied to the Cross. She ran her fingernails across my chest and the her cheek touched mine. She whispers “I’m going to have fun with you.” And she did! It involved an anal hook (I never had used on me before).

She would ran her nails over my body. It was very light and I got the feeling she was testing me to see how I reacted to her. I just stood there shaking. She let me know that I was going to be her play toy her slut today. “You are my slut, isn’t that right”? “Yes Lady I’m your slut.” She then spanked my ass and each time she spanked be it got a little harder as she did so. She used both hands and one at a time. She would slap it hard and then softly. She also used a riding crop. She would hit me hard and then hit me softly with the crop as well. My ass was getting a really workout. I could feel it getting red with her slapping it with her hands and the riding crop. There was a point where I wanted her to spank me harder… I wanted it to keep going forever.

She took the blindfold off. She walked me over to a chair. She sat down and showed off her high heel shoes off at me. “Look M.F.- look at how pretty they are. Don’t you think so”? “Yes Lady they are may I kiss them for you?”. “Yes you may.” With that I went down on my knees and lightly kissed her shoes and feet. “Michael show your Mistress how much you enjoy her feet”. I kissed them as much as possible. Each of her toes one at a time. Her under soles, the heel of the shoe. “MMMMMMM that’s very nice M.F. now it’s my turn to play some more with my little toy.”

She lead me back to the cross it was time for some play with metal sounds. This is something I always enjoy and look forward to. I silently took a deep breath as she prepared me and then got lost in the sensation. I wanted to take it for her, to please her. She used three or four different ones all larger than the last and remarked how good I was. “You like to get used don’t you M.F.? “

Then she took a vibrator out and placed it on the metal. This sent a shock of pleasure throughout my body. I was shaking. She was asking how I was doing. I was so far gone that all I could say was “I’m doing just great, this is the best feeling of my life!” She let me **** my own urethra!!! As she held it for me I moved my body to make it go deeper. I still had the metal hook in me -metal in both ends. “Your a slut aren’t you, do it harder my slut.” “Please keep going Mistress!” I could not stop myself from ****ing it. Then it was like an explosion of ecstasy. I could not just stop the waves of pleasure and my whole body was shaking. I was just shaking and even after I knew I finished it still felt like the waves were continuing. She cleaned me up a little and I was told I could use the shower. It was a little hard to walk at first it was like my whole body was one big nerve ending. Going to the bathroom was intense but it felt great.

I showered and dried myself off and walked back to our room Mistress had my things for me. I put them back on and was asked if I need some water. I took the water and sat for a little there was no rush. Once I was finished she walked to to the door told me that she had fun and wished me a good trip home. I thanked her and with that I drove myself home. I was still sore till the next day. I emailed Lady Sophia and thanked her for one of the best sessions I ever had. She responded back that she was looking forward to our next playtime and that she had something special planned. I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Let me sum up that Lady Sophia is a wonderful person to be controlled by. She is currently accepting anyone with any experience level, even if you’re a novice. So those who have never been with a professional before or have never done anything kinky before in your life, Lady Sophia would be the one you’re looking for.

You know that for my next visit I’m going to ask for more.
Thank you Lady Sophia.

J.S.’s NT, CBT & heavy spanking session with Me and Switch Vera Lamarr

Having had my first session with Mistress Sophia, for only one hour, months ago and found her to be absolutely amazing, I scheduled a three hour session that included Switch Vera for the last hour.

When Mistress opened the door I was, once again, mesmerized by her natural beauty. She looked so sexy in her short black and red form fitting dress. I followed her to a new room in the dungeon. We sat down and had a general discussion of what I could expect. As we talked she handed me a pair of very sexy heels and told me to put them on her feet. It was the first time I had ever put shoes on a woman and I found it to be very sexy to place them on her lovely feet and buckle them up for her. Lady Sophia is very easy to talk to, which makes her so special.

When I was done she told me to undress and place my clothes on the bench folded very neatly. Unlike the first time, she remained in the room. When I was done she left and told me to stand in the middle of the room until she returned. Upon returning she took one of her black nylons and made a collar for me and used the other one to make a leash around my cock and balls so she could lead me around. There is no doubt as to who is in charge.

As Mistress attached numerous small clips to my nipples she noticed me looking at her in the mirror. When she asked me what I was looking at I told her I was admiring her lovely breasts and butt. She placed a blindfold on me and spun me around so I had no idea what direction I was facing. Then she had me bend over and proceeded to spank me with her hand to “warm me up.” Next she had me bend over and used a paddle of some kind. I must admit it did hurt, but I figured it was my punishment for ogling Mistress’s body.

When Mistress was finished, she removed the blindfold and had me get on the table and spread my feet and arms so she could shackle them to the table. First she teased me by teasing my clamped nipples and then started to give me a physical examination. Mistress then got out what I discovered were sounding devices. I watched as she sterilized one and told me she was going to insert it in my shaft and let gravity stretch my urethra. I know my heart was beating faster not knowing what to expect. Yet, I trusted Mistress and was very willing to let her have her way with me.

Following that adventure Mistress took an alcohol pad and used it to wipe the area around my cock’s head. Then I saw her unwrapping a needle. I couldn’t see what she was going to do, but soon felt the pain of a needle entering my body near the base of my hard cock. Mistress proceeded to place several more needles into the area round my cock. After she had completed her task and I know she enjoyed every minute of it, the needles were removed and again she wiped the area with an alcohol pad. I’m not sure if she did it to see my reaction to the alcohol, or because she was concerned about having used the needles.

I was then released from the restraints and told to watch as Mistress got something out of a large box. She asked me if I liked strawberries and when I said yes, she proceeded to remove strawberry flavored latex from its packed and rolled it on to the cock before placing it into a harness and strapping it on. She sat on the edge of the table and told me to start it. Mistress had me suck it, lick it, and take as much in my mouth as I could.

After spending some time paying homage to Mistress, she announced that it was almost time for Vera to arrive. Mistress left the room and told me to sit on the edge of the table. She returned and we talked until there was a knock at the door. When Mistress opened the door Vera was on her hands and knees and was told to enter. As she crawled in I realized she was so much more attractive than the photos I had seen. She was wearing a very sexy black bra, black panties, black garter belt, red nylons, and heels.

When ordered to stand and present herself, Mistress placed a collar on Vera. Then I was ordered to stand and Mistress began taking turns paddling our asses. When she was done she ordered Vera to remove her bra (I must admit she has a lovely body and her breasts are so perky). Then Mistress placed clamps with bells on Vera’s nipples and a unique type of clamp on my nipples. They looked something like a bird cage with a wing nut on the ends so she could tighten them and stretch my nipples. The weight and length of the clamps put pressure on my nipples, but it was not unbearable.
Then Mistress had Vera shake and shimmy so she could hear the bells on her nipples ring, which we all found sexy and lovely to watch.

After removing the nipple clamps, Mistress had Vera lay on her lap and proceeded to spank her. I was ordered to kneel and pay homage to her heels and feet as Vera groaned from the hard spanking she was receiving. When Mistress was finished with Vera, I was ordered to take her place and I received the most painful spanking of my life. I wanted her to quit, but refused to give in not wanting to appear cowardly in front of Mistress and Vera. Mistress then asked if she could mark me and I consented. She used her nails and left long marks on my back and ass even to the point of drawing a little blood. (Those marks lasted almost a week.)

My ass was extremely sore and I thought the session was over. Mistress said wanted to piss on my face. I had given up complete control. She had me lie on the floor and got out a bottle of water and took a drink from for affect as I anticipated what was about to happen. Then Mistress squatted over my face, pulled her g-string panty aside exposing her lovely smooth pussy, and let her golden nectar flow all over my face and filling my mouth. It was the first time anyone had ever peed on my face and in my mouth and I loved it!
When Mistress was finished Vera and I cleaned up the mess and I was escorted to the bathroom and took a shower thinking about what a lovely experience it had been. When I was finished I returned to the dungeon and we had a very friendly talk as I got dressed.

All the way home I kept thinking about what a wonderful experience I had with the lovely Lady Sophia and can’t wait to experience her charming and dominating ways again. It is most definitely a fantastic experience turning myself over to her sweet and dominating self. Give her a try when you are in Chicago. She is darn well worth it!

From L.J. regarding our three hour play session (a lovely birthday gift to himself!)

I recently had a session with Lady Sophia and it was a truly wonderful experience. I was nervous before I got there, but after arriving at the studio she quickly put me at ease. We began with tea and talked to get to know one another better. Her charm, magnetic personality and welcoming smile all worked to melt away my anxiety. As we continued to chat and enjoy our tea she showed me around the playspace. The studio was immaculate and the term “well equipped” does not even begin to describe the space. There are multiple rooms brimming with toys, gags, masks, amazing bondage furniture and just about anything else your mind can imagine. After our tour, delightful conversation and the disappearance of my nerves we were finally ready to begin.

First she ordered me to strip and made me stand in the middle of a separate room alone while she prepared some things. As I stood there, naked and vulnerable, I could only think about my excitement to be in the service of such a beautiful mistress. I was both eager and anxious to serve her and please her. As I heard her heels click down the hallway with their sweet sound my heart began to race. Upon entering the room she ordered me to get the feminine clothes I had brought with me. With these items she forcibly feminized me by dressing me in the ones she thought to be cute. I was not allowed to put the clothes on myself, and the feeling of being dressed by her was intoxicating, but humiliating. She then picked out a pair of heels for me from her extensive collection and made me practice walking in them. After a brief “runway” walk she told me it was time to fix some of my other issues. I am currently a grad student and have not been very motivated to do my work lately. To fix this Lady Sophia grabbed a paddle and pulled me across her knee. Her firm hand and paddle spanking definitely gave me something to think about as I continue my graduate work.

After my spanking Lady Sophia quickly bound me to her St. Andrews Cross and went to get some other devious toys. Returning with clover nipple clamps she quickly attached them to my nipples. She played with them for a while, much to my agony, and then forced me to hold the chain that linked them together in my mouth. I did so, but with my head as far down as it could go so the clamps would not pull. She laughed and told me to raise my head up. I will not lie, it hurt, but it was a wonderful feeling to serve her pleasure. After a little more play she removed them and turned me over on the cross so she could flog my backside.

After the flogging I will not tell all the details of what happened to me, but I will tell you it was a very special experience for me. The remainder of my service to her involved a thorough medical inspection which left me very vulnerable and humiliated. My service also consisted of some sensory deprivation. I have served other Dommes before, but my time with Lady Sophia was the first time I have ever slipped into sub space. My experience was a truly remarkable one and I am eager to serve her again. Out of all the Dommes I have seen I would definitely rate her the highest and recommend her to anyone who lives in or visits the Chicago area.

Sincerely and submissively,


PS- Lady Sophia’s pictures on her website are wonderful, but trust that they do not do her beauty proper justice.

From Captain R, with whom I met for tea to get to know each other followed by an intense session. He forgot to call me Mistress several times while caught up in the moment… read on:

Thank you. I look forward to seeing you again, and hopefully many more times.

I can hardly overstate how much I appreciated your attention yesterday. Not just the wonderful attention with your toys and tools, but simply each moment. Sitting with you having tea and chatting was perfect. I know I’m still giddy and I’ll calm down eventually, but still…

And I’m beginning understand about the use of the title “Mistress.” It finally occurred to me that for you and your peers it’s an honorific for a professional, like Doctor or Professor or in my case, Captain. Thank you for being patient with me.

It’s a powerful thing you do, and you do it with grace and a delightful presence and energy. If I had not touched the proof otherwise, I’d say you do it effortlessly.

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of anticipating our next encounter.

-Captain R

A reflective email from D following a training session that ended in chastity:

Lady Sophia,
Thank You for opening my eyes and staining my submissive nature. Our session was more than i could have hoped for, and feel (from a trust perspective) that i am in good firm hands…. Thank You Lady Sophia..
Secondly.. i need to say how beautiful You are… physically (obviously!!) but also Your spirit.. is it vegan-ism.. Dominance.. or Your karma.. and a very evolved soul.. again – thank You for being out there for submissives such as myself…
i will strictly adhere to our agreement… no touching.. no release.. and will continue to have you be part of my morning mediation.. serving You with honor and obedience!
Thank You so much for taking me on this important journey.. this is about Your pleasure!!!
Take very good care!!

Yours – d

A shoe worship session review from C.J.

Sure, i was nervous and scared when i first sessioned with Lady Sophia. Her beauty and kindness over the phone did not mask how powerful and commanding She was in person. i was instantly floored by Her gaze in person and waited in anticipation while She finished the final touches to Her preparation for O/our session.

As i knelt on the floor, i heard the sounds of high heels and excitement and trepidation rushed through my veins! Once Her heels were before me and She commanded me to begin worshiping them…i was in heaven! The infamous blue sandals and black patent leather pumps were before me for the whole session. i thoroughly enjoyed when She tied my hands behind my back and made me pick up Her heels with my mouth and place them at Her feet. my task was to take each shoe and place it before Her and hold it in place while She put them on. If it fell over, i would be punished severely. This might sound easily but balancing stilettos with your tongue is extremely difficult!

Being trampled and having my nipples tortured by Her heels could only be culminated by the most intense golden shower i ever had! Was it Her voice, the smell of Her feet, Her eyes or Her golden nectar that cast a spell upon me? i cannot explain it but serving Lady Sophia changed my life and was a fantasy come true! – C.J.

From E after our first session:

Thank you million times! It was something out of this world.
You combined gentleness and softness and carrying with your energy and strength. It is amazing that I could feel as if I have known you for years, so comfortably and real, and human.
You know, years ago when I lived in X, I was a swimmer and speedy diver, but now I kind of out of shape, and do not look that nicely, with a belly, etc. And I would be intimidated to get naked in front of a lady, especially young and beautiful as you are. But I absolutely did not feel it with you, it was natural.
I have a lot of clips with ball busting, and I usually watch the style, but I turn the sound off, because the ladies behave like “mean machines”, and they play weird roles, often cruel. You were absolutely the opposite; which is how I noticed you on the web site; you looked kind and gentle there, while others looked aggressive. Life is way too aggressive out there to bring aggressively into your room.
People might say that I am a pain and torture freak. But you know it was not a torture. Torture is when one suffers, and another brings suffering. It was like a highly emotional conversation, a dialog between two people. The balls and the back parts are as conductive for the emotions as words are. It was like a nice gentle emotional conversation, like when you meet with an old friend, and enjoy his or her company. I think that’s why the crashing or squeezing felt better than slapping, because slapping is like a throwing a short word, while squeezing is like a long sentence, where you and I are not in a hurry to listen to each other, and I could watch you applying pressure firmly, but so deeply emotionally pleasantly; and I could feel your breath, and see your eyes; and feel the touch of your knee. It was not a pain caused by you to me; it did not feel that way at all; it was your feeling and emotions passed to me.
It was better than sex. You know, sometimes I think about sex as something a little unfair. People are spiritually growing in love, become better, smarter, sharper, stronger, they create art and music, and then… at the end just 20mg of sperm, and that’s it – done. The last phase of love is not human, but is a basic instinct, and just a desire to “release the pressure”.
You are from a different world, which I did not know about before. I stepped into you door like in a far away universe – the way you dressed, you talked, you smiled, and even the way you told me about little “real world” things! It was so human and natural, but so different from a world outside with that loud train and people running to do their business.
It is a world which I want to know more about.
I was driving back as happy as if I were in love again. I was looking at people driving by and was thinking that all those rat races are just speeding up the life and making it emptier and shorter. But just a few blocks – there is a room with soft light, and candles, and a beautiful very nice and gentle lady, where the whole outside world suddenly looses its importance and any sense and any value. – E

From MM after our 9th session, which happened to be a celebration of my 30th birthday too.

*WARNING TOILET PLAY CONTENT* toilet play is not for everyone. Actually, it’s for a very very small percentage of the population. This review talks explicitly about golden and brown showers (I no longer do brown showers). If that makes you uncomfortable, do not read any further. Go to another page and think about silky stockings and cuddly bunnies.

Last week, I had a session with Lady Sophia to celebrate her birthday. In order to surprise her, I asked her to step out of the dungeon and give me a few minutes of preparation. For the next few minutes, I did whatever I could to put myself into the position that I’ve been practicing for while making as little noise as possible. Oh, did I mention that it was done in very low light in order to go with the scene? I put on a pair of white stockings and silver pumps for a festive touch. Then I lied on my back with my legs in the air against the bondage bed and slowly drew my legs up and over my head until my ass was in the air and my legs were over my head. A pair of wrist cuffs went on my wrists next, followed by a humbler on my balls. I brought Lady Sophia the humbler as one of the two presents and I hope she’d use it on me some time. Finally, I picked up the long white candle I brought and inserted it dry into my ass. No lube because the candle would slide out and ruin the whole scene. I needed the friction despite the discomfort. I lit the candle in my ass and buckled my wrists to two eye bolts on the bondage bed. At that point, I was completely vulnerable and couldn’t have done anything to save myself had an accident happen with the candle. With that, I called out to ask Lady Sophia to enter the dungeon.

“I’ll come momentarily” came the reply.

No hint of when. For what felt like an eternity, I felt hot wax dripping into my exposed asshole while watching the glow of the candle. The whole time, I was willing Lady Sophia to come in soon before the candle burn its way into my ass.

Finally, I heard foot steps, and sound of the door opening. I sang happy birthday while Lady Sophia watched. I wish I could see the expression on her face. She blew out the candle soon after the song and I presented her the other present – myself for her to do whatever she pleased with, no calling red. We did take a few pictures. Maybe she would post them some time if she wants to.

Happy Birthday

The session progressed in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We had booked a 6-hr appointment so we had plenty of time to explore and enjoy the experience. After what felt like a couple hours of bondage and nipple play, Mistress invited me to take a break sitting across from her in the bondage bed. We started a casual conversation about what could be added to the dungeon to make it even better, and the topic of golden and brown showers came up. Mistress inquired about my experience in the area and I told her that I love both, especially consuming because I see it as the ultimate surrender. But I knew that brown shower is on Mistress’s hard limit list, so I never asked for it out of respect.

After the break, Mistress mummified me in saran wrap and sealed me in a large duffel bag. For a long period of time, I sweat while my arms became numb. But Mistress was nice enough to leave an opening to let some air in. That’s a great thing about Lady Sophia, she’s very safety conscious. And that allows me to trust her to the point of letting her do anything to me without calling red.

Finally, just a second before I passed out, Mistress opened the zipper, reached in, and blind folded me. She cut the saran wraps off me while I laid in a world of darkness not being to see what’s coming. After much effort, I was finally free of the binds and kneeling on the floor when she removed the blind fold. She was seated directly in front of me on the toilet seat with only her underwear on. With a mischievous smile, Mistress produced a wine glass and made me beg for it.

“Mistress, please grant me the honor of drinking your golden nectar. Please Mistress,” I begged in my most sincere and pathetic voice possible.

With another mischievous smile, Mistress pulled down her panties. Holding the wine glass in her hand directly beneath her vagina, she urinated into the glass while I watched, completely mesmerized by the beautiful way the golden liquid splashed into the cup. When the cup was full, Mistress handed it to me and made me drink from it. I did, and it tasted better than any fine wine.

After a few sips, Mistress took the wine glass from me and inserted a huge syringe into it. She pulled the plunger and collected a syringe full of her golden nectar. I thought she was going to inject it into my ass and give me an enema with it. Instead, I was ordered to lie on my back directly underneath her and open my mouth. Mistress injected the urine into my mouth slowly while I swallowed. This was a very sensual experience as it forced me to swallow frequently and thus better savor the aftertaste. The few minutes I had spent drinking it from the syringe was quite the highlight of the evening… until what came next.

Returning me to a kneeling position, Mistress once again sat on the toilet seat and pulled her panties down. I didn’t know what to expect. I though she was going to urinate again, but there was nothing underneath her to catch it. May be she was going to pee on the floor and make me lick it up. Then I saw her anal muscle contract… no this can’t be real… and again… and the tip of her stool emerged. First it was just a shy little tip the size of a pinky. Then a few seconds later, with more muscle movement, the rest came out in two near long and well formed pieces which landed on the sport sheet under the toilet seat. I could not believe my eyes. I was treated to the sight of my beloved Lady Sophia defecating right in front of my eyes. How her muscles moved, how her anus puckered, how the stool emerged and fell, it was a beautiful symphony to behold.

“Now eat it.”

*Note from Sophia: I no longer offer brown showers. MM was a very special sub.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Really? After treating me to this beautiful sight, Mistress would grant me the ultimate fulfillment to consume her feces? Immediately, I bent forward, bit off a piece, and started chewing it in my mouth. The taste, the texture, and the smell all went with one another perfectly just like a gourmet dish. It was the most wonderful feces I have consumed ever. I bit off mouth full after mouth full, washing it down with what was left of her urine in the wine glass. This was the best dinner ever, and truly a night to be remembered.

I still don’t know what prompted Lady Sophia to grant me that honor. All that I can say is, with that, she will be owning me for a long long time.

I really wish Lady Sophia would add brown shower to her regular repertoire. Her vegan diet contains entirely of vegetable and grains. That, and the lack of meat in her diet, are what I think give her feces the wonderful quality. It was of a very fine texture but just firm enough to be picked up and chewed on. The closest thing I can think of is hummus. And the lack of animal protein means it doesn’t smell at all. That’s right, her shit really doesn’t stink! It is something to be rolled around in my mouth and savored slowly like a fine dish. I only wish I would have the chance to savor it again. – MM