One of my growing interests is medical play. The more exams, physicals, sounding I do the more those metal implements sparkle and shine in my eyes. And that’s not just because I like to thoroughly clean all my equipment! This week I had the most lovely medical scene. I chose to session out of The Studio because of larger medical space.

No cheesy Halloween-type sexy nurse costume for me. At the suggestion of my sub I chose to wear scrubs. They are not only comfy but they also have plenty of pockets [smile]. Feeling cheerfully mischievous in my scrubs and sneakers I informed my willing victim that in this day of Big Brother a medical exam would be necessary. Maybe it was a disgruntled coworker, a jilted lover or a concerned citizen who wanted him poked and probed, but someone called our medical tip line to inform us that he had not had a head to toe medical exam in almost a decade.  Fair or unfair, Big Brother takes all tip-offs quite seriously. Needless to say he was at my mercy and from the moment I denied him a gown to end of the exam when he was ordered to provided a specimen for the lab. What a joy!

This session inspired me to spend some time e-shopping. I have been looking around for a traditional white nurses uniform for a while now and found one! I’m planning taking a sewing machine to it to alter the raw garment to my liking. However, when I opened the box it arrived in it looked like I’d need to take it in A LOT more than I expected. Damn misleading online sizing charts. I was absolutely swimming in this crisp white dress. Today I wiped a tear from my eye as I bundled it back up to exchange it for a small. But I was comforted by the handful of gadgets I ordered along with it that I could play with in the meantime. It’s hard to get a stethoscope in the wrong size! And how could I not smile at my two custom hospital-looking name tags: “Dr. Sophia” and “Lady Sophia, R.N.?” I think I”ll survive until the new uniform arrives.