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New 2018 Photos

More photos by the talented Leslie Carroll.  If you want to see candid photos and new pics from photo shoots follow me on Instagram!

Dancers and Dominas: Art by Natalie Frank

I had the pleasure to speak privately with Natalie Frank about her work and was thoroughly impressed with her deep appreciation for the work and performance of professional Dominantrices. Her oil paintings don’t sensationalize or trivialize sex workers or kinksters. Instead, what I see depicted is strong femme bodies moving with purpose.  This Friday in Chicago […]

Will You See a Woman as a Client?

Is there a dominatrix who sees women? I’m so glad that you asked. Yes, I love playing with women! Actually, I love playing with people of all genders: men, women and non-binary folks. What’s between your legs is not as important to me as what’s between your ears. An essential quality in my sessions is […]

Sophia visits Dublin & London Nov. 9-20th, 2016

I’m pleased to announce my first European tour will be this fall! There are so many beautiful, interesting and kinky cities in Europe that it was hard to narrow down where to visit but now that I made my decision I’ll be accepting session requests. I love playing with men, women and non-binary folks. Couples […]

Sophia is Teaching at Milwaukee’s SHARE, April 2016

Join me in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for first Milwaukee SHARE (Sexual Health and Relationship Education), a full week of events April 3rd-10th, 2016, focused on adult sex education and healthy relationships. For a full schedule of events visit here. I’ll be teaching two classes and performing at a the SHARE THE LOVE party:

Sophia Chase on Bloody Mary Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of joining Kristin Ryan on her podcast, Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary is a podcast hosted by Kristin discussing horror movies through a lens of sexuality and feminism. Chicago comics and local celebs pick their all time favorite horror movie to discuss.

Sophia is Teaching Workshops in Milwaukee, November 2015

Besides my work as a professional dominatrix I’m also an adult sexuality educator. I’m thrilled to be returning to the Tool Shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this November to teach two workshops! Join me on Friday 11/201/5 for Men Below the Belt (aka “the blowjob class”) and Saturday 11/21/15 for Sex For Survivors: Embodied Sexuality for Survivors of […]