I’m excited to announce my first visit to North Carolina!  Submissives interested in sessioning with me should fill out the form on my contact page or email me directly at [email protected] with their information.

Here’s an update on my favorite scenes: my interests are always evolving. Currently I find scenes that include the following aspects to be particularly exciting to me:

Bondage: rope, leather, metal, my nylon stockings. The material doesn’t matter to me as much as the process of physically restraining you as well as elements of trust and submission involved in the act of bondage.

Tease and denial: exciting you, building desire to the point of desperation and controlling your pleasure is a form of psychological control and torment that I adore.

Impact play: hand spanking, paddles, crops, floggers, belts, canes and single tail whips. I’m not a sadist; I don’t derive pleasure from creating pain. I engage in impact play for the purpose of sensation alone or a physical way to create or reinforce submission or humiliation, it’s visceral way for me to connect with you.

Foot & leg worship: using my pedicured feet, smooth skin and athletic legs to control you through teasing and reward.

Shoe, boot, stockings and pantyhose fetish/worship: I adore wearing shoes and boots of all types, using the desire that these objects trigger in you to bring you further under my control.

Tickling: these scenes operate on a spectrum from sensual to sadistic. Depending on how we decide to incorporate tickling into the scene it can bringing about feelings of surrender, submission, helplessness excitement, desperation, arousal and even erotic fear.