Congratulations Eric Barry on being the Chicago Reader’s 2015 critics’ choice for Best Sex Positive Podcast!

I’ve previously appeared on the Full Disclosure podcast in episode 77, episode 100 and the first Full Disclosure LIVE show. This week I had the pleasure of returning to Full Disclosure podcast for the fourth time to co-host episode #143: Electro Play with Natalya Sadici. Listen to this entertaining episode where Natalya and I geek out over electrical play and scare the pants off Eric!

Natalya Sadici & Sophia Chase LOVE Electrical Play

Natalya Sadici & Sophia Chase LOVE Electrical Play!

Just some of what you’ll hear:

  • Eric’s fascinating interview with Chicago dominatrix Natalya Sadici about her path to becoming a professional dominatrix
  • Natalya and I explaining the how and why of electrical play
  • An on-air demonstration of electrified cock bands used on our estim novice Eric
  • Lots female laughter at Eric’s misfortune

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