I had the pleasure of a three hour session with L.J. in late May.  He recently submitted this review to be posted to my blog. *Note, we sessioned out of a second play space that I work out of. So if you specifically desire an elaborate space v. a more intimate one this is something to keep in mind. -Sophia

I recently had a session with Lady Sophia and it was a truly wonderful experience.  I was nervous before I got there, but after arriving at the studio she quickly put me at ease.  We began with tea and talked to get to know one another better.  Her charm, magnetic personality and welcoming smile all worked to melt away my anxiety.  As we continued to chat and enjoy our tea she showed me around the playspace.  The studio was immaculate and the term “well equipped” does not even begin to describe the space.  There are multiple rooms brimming with toys, gags, masks, amazing bondage furniture and just about anything else your mind can imagine.  After our tour, delightful conversation and the disappearance of my nerves we were finally ready to begin.

First she ordered me to strip and made me stand in the middle of a separate room alone while she prepared some things.  As I stood there, naked and vulnerable, I could only think about my excitement to be in the service of such a beautiful mistress.  I was both eager and anxious to serve her and please her.  As I heard her heels click down the hallway with their sweet sound my heart began to race.  Upon entering the room she ordered me to get the feminine clothes I had brought with me.  With these items she forcibly feminized me by dressing me in the ones she thought to be cute.  I was not allowed to put the clothes on myself, and the feeling of being dressed by her was intoxicating, but humiliating.  She then picked out a pair of heels for me from her extensive collection and made me practice walking in them.  After a brief “runway” walk she told me it was time to fix some of my other issues.  I am currently a grad student and have not been very motivated to do my work lately.  To fix this Lady Sophia grabbed a paddle and pulled me across her knee.  Her firm hand and paddle spanking definitely gave me something to think about as I continue my graduate work.

After my spanking Lady Sophia quickly bound me to her St. Andrews Cross and went to get some other devious toys.  Returning with clover nipple clamps she quickly attached them to my nipples.  She played with them for a while, much to my agony, and then forced me to hold the chain that linked them together in my mouth.  I did so, but with my head as far down as it could go so the clamps would not pull.  She laughed and told me to raise my head up.  I will not lie, it hurt, but it was a wonderful feeling to serve her pleasure.  After a little more play she removed them and turned me over on the cross so she could flog my backside.

After the flogging I will not tell all the details of what happened to me, but I will tell you it was a very special experience for me.  The remainder of my service to her involved a thorough medical inspection which left me very vulnerable and humiliated.  My service also consisted of some sensory deprivation.  I have served other Dommes before, but my time with Lady Sophia was the first time I have ever slipped into sub space.  My experience was a truly remarkable one and I am eager to serve her again.  Out of all the Dommes I have seen I would definitely rate her the highest and recommend her to anyone who lives in or visits the Chicago area.

Sincerely and submissively,


PS- Lady Sophia’s pictures on her website are wonderful, but trust that they do not do her beauty proper justice.