It’s about damn time an option exists for those looking for feminine undergarments for men. I’m sure my slight frustration at  dressing a guy in cute panties only to have his balls slip out the sides pales in comparison to the frustration faced by cross dressers, panty enthusiasts and people of all genders who lingerie options lacking for more masculine bodied people.  Read on for more information about this amazing lingerie line from HommeMystere.

Like to wear ladies lingerie but the fit is never quite right?
Do you find your balls slipping out of your favorite panties?
Do the only bras that fit your frame have extremely large cup sizes?

Well then check out panties, bras and other lingerie from, HommeMystere a company that makes sexy lingerie for guys.*

HommeMystere Lingerie ModelThe bra fitting is great on broad shoulders and features band sizes up to 48″ around while keeping the cup sizes to A and B range so they can more comfortably fit under your clothes! The panties have extra space for your junk as well as a pouch to tuck them into if you wish.

The material used in most items is a silky smooth polyamide and spandex blend which feels wonderfully sensual and feminine against your skin. Below are just some of the styles available from [button link=”” size=”small” color=”red” rounded=”true” ]HommeMystere[/button]


Available online and in store at
[button link=”” size=”small” color=”red” rounded=”true” ]Early to Bed[/button]
5044 N. Clark Street
Chicago IL, 60640

*While the company markets their products as lingerie for cisgendered men, these items are perfect for folks of any gender looking for this type of fit.