Better late than never. I just discovered a lost review from a few years ago! For those unfamiliar with sounds, they are stainless steel urethral dilating rods inserted using sterile medical lubricant.

“I booked for only an hour. I wished I had more booked for more time. Domination is not an act for her. It’s who she is. She is quite comfortable in her skin. She is an intelligent person she just knows what makes you click. She gets inside of you somehow. Don’t go and see her if you aren’t prepared to fully submit. I gave her some detail on my interests but made sure that she knew that for me the session really is about what makes her happy. I know I will return for I wish to submit to her even more the next time.

 You will want to submit to her and make her happy too…

 I was a little early and looked for a parking space with no luck. There is a small lot next to the play-space so I went there. I called Lady Sophia that I parked and was ready for her next command. I was given instructions on how to enter her dungeon. I did exactly as she had asked. I entered and a second later and the angel that she is was dressed as I was hoping for with open toe high heel shoes and this killer outfit. She walked to me and took my hand and said “come with me Michael”. Her voice was very feminine, sexy, and cheerful, she smiles. With just one glance from those eyes of hers I was taken. I was shown to a room where we talked and went over some ground rules. As asked for by me she took a blindfold and covered my eyes, was told to strip and to let my clothes fall as they may. She took my hand once again and lead me out of the room. Once out of the room she turned me around three or four times as to not know where I was headed. My heart was racing with excitement. She made it very clear to me that this was her dungeon and that she was in charge. I could feel that I was dripping with excitement. In fact as I compose this review I’ve started dripping from just thinking about what had happened and what I’m thinking about for my next visit.

 We walked into another room she told me to just stand there. There was music playing. I was asked – “are you ready Michael”?  I responded – “Yes my Lady I wish to be yours”. She walked me forward and was told to raise my hands. She tied my hands up on the Saint Andrew’s Cross, then my legs where tied to the Cross. She ran her fingernails across my chest and the her cheek touched mine. She whispers “I’m going to have fun with you.” And she did! It involved an anal hook (I never had used on me before).

She would ran her nails over my body. It was very light and I got the feeling she was testing me to see how I reacted to her. I just stood there shaking. She let me know that I was going to be her play toy her slut today. “You are my slut, isn’t that right”? “Yes Lady I’m your slut.” She then spanked my ass and each time she spanked be it got a little harder as she did so. She used both hands and one at a time. She would slap it hard and then softly. She also used a riding crop. She would hit me hard and then hit me softly with the crop as well. My ass was getting a really workout. I could feel it getting red with her slapping it with her hands and the riding crop. There was a point where I wanted her to spank me harder… I wanted it to keep going forever.

 She took the blindfold off. She walked me over to a chair. She sat down and showed off her high heel shoes off at me. “Look M.F.- look at how pretty they are. Don’t you think so”? “Yes Lady they are may I kiss them for you?”. “Yes you may.” With that I went down on my knees and lightly kissed her shoes and feet. “Michael show your Mistress how much you enjoy her feet”. I kissed them as much as possible. Each of her toes one at a time. Her under soles, the heel of the shoe. “MMMMMMM that’s very nice M.F. now it’s my turn to play some more with my little toy.”

 She lead me back to the cross it was time for some play with metal sounds. This is something I always enjoy and look forward to. I silently took a deep breath as she prepared me and then got lost in the sensation. I wanted to take it for her, to please her. She used three or four different ones all larger than the last and remarked how good I was. “You like to get used don’t you M.F.? “

Pratt Sounds Then she took a vibrator out and placed it on the metal. This sent a shock of pleasure throughout my body. I was shaking. She was asking how I was doing. I was so far gone that all I could say was “I’m doing just great, this is the best feeling of my life!” She let me **** my own urethra!!! As she held it for me I moved my body to make it go deeper. I still had the metal hook in me -metal in both ends. “Your a slut aren’t you, do it harder my slut.”  “Please keep going Mistress!” I could not stop myself from ****ing it. Then it was like an explosion of ecstasy. I could not just stop the waves of pleasure and my whole body was shaking. I was just shaking and even after I knew I finished it still felt like the waves were continuing. She cleaned me up a little and I was told I could use the shower. It was a little hard to walk at first it was like my whole body was one big nerve ending. Going to the bathroom was intense but it felt great.

Nurse Sophia with Sounds

I showered and dried myself off and walked back to our room Mistress had my things for me. I put them back on and was asked if I need some water. I took the water and sat for a little there was no rush. Once I was finished she walked to to the door told me that she had fun and wished me a good trip home. I thanked her and with that I drove myself home. I was still sore till the next day. I emailed Lady Sophia and thanked her for one of the best sessions I ever had. She responded back that she was looking forward to our next playtime and that she had something special planned. I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Let me sum up that Lady Sophia is a wonderful person to be controlled by. She is currently accepting anyone with any experience level, even if you’re a novice. So those who have never been with a professional before or have never done anything kinky before in your life, Lady Sophia would be the one you’re looking for.

 You know that for my next visit I’m going to ask for more.
Thank you Lady Sophia.

Thank you for sharing your experience M.F.