Earlier this year MM and I celebrated my birthday with a scene whose review warranted a “read at your own risk” warning.  For anyone who is traumatized by reading his first review, don’t worry. This one has no toilet play. Last week was another fantastic series of scenes. This time we were joined by my beautiful and devious friend switch Vera for some of the time. Read on for a peek at our adventures.

MM’s Review of his April 2011 Birthday Session:

“I had another amazing session with Lady Sophia last Friday. And this time, she brought Vera with her.

This was meant as a birthday present to myself, so I booked a dual-Mistress session with Lady Sophia and Mistress Vera. Mistress and I tend to base each sessions on a theme. This time, the theme was “dilemmas.” It was a five-hour session, with  several different scenes. In each scene, I had to choose to endure the lesser of two forms of punishments, or to choose to endure a punishment in order to enjoy a pleasurable activity at the same time.

After enduring two “lesser of two evils” scenes, both of which amazingly erotic and creative, I was rewarded with a “pleasure and pain” scene. This scene was meant to be the birthday present. I didn’t tell Mistress that, but somehow she knew. So both her and Vera came dressed in my favorite outfit. This outfit, which I shall not reveal, is my “on” button. Mistress knows that I’d do anything to see her in it. And two beautiful women in front of me in that outfit was enough for me to sell my soul or “give my left testicle,” as people often say. And did I do both!

The pleasure in the game was to worship Mistress and Vera’s feet, legs, and shoes. These are my favorite activities and I can do them forever. The pain that I had to endure took many forms.

First, Vera sat cross legged on the edge of the bed, with her feet on a stool in front of it. At the same time, Mistress laid a sport-sheet in front of the stool and sprinkled oat bran all over it. Then Mistress ordered me to kneel on it with the face of my feet flat on the floor. That was an experience I’ve never had before, and it was more painful than I could imagine. With my entire body’s weight on my knees, the oat bran dug in and caused me to shift my body constantly in the hope to reduce pain, but doing so only caused more pain. Mistress and Vera giggled at my suffering.

“OK, you can support your body with your arms too.” Mistress finally said after what felt like an eternity. “What are you waiting for?”

Immediately. I crawled forward and started to lick Vera’s shoes clean. But leaning forward to get to Vera’s feet put more weight on my knees which increased the pain. Whenever I pulled away, Vera would rotate her feet in front of me to entice me to go back. Predictably, I kept going back despite the oat bran killing me whenever I went back. Vera’s exquisite feet were worth it. This continued for some time and finally Mistress had enough mercy to replace the oat bran with a padded mat.

I was allowed to resume the worship. As I merrily sucked on Vera’s 4” stiletto heels, I felt a sharp pain on my left testicle that caused me to gasp and pull back from Vera’s heels. Mistress had probably applied electricity to my balls but I wasn’t sure how. The pain was intense, but not unbearable. On the other hand, Vera’s heels were simply irresistible. So I decided to risk another shock and “gave my left testicles” to continue worshiping Vera’s feet.

As I continued, I felt a tingling sensation on the back of my legs. The intensity gradually increased and moved up and down my legs and stopped on my butt. I couldn’t see, but I guess Mistress must have been using a purple wand on me. Compared with the oat bran, this was quite tolerable and at times enjoyable. So I kept licking, kissing, and even massaging Vera’s feet with my lips. Perhaps Mistress decided to have a little fun with us. So she held the purple wand close against my skin which turned me into a conductor. As I kissed and licked Vera, she got shocked through my tongue and my lips. I had no idea how she felt, but those were definitely the most electrifying kisses I’ve had! For having endured (more like enjoyed) the electricity, Mistress allowed me two minutes with Vera’s feet without interruption. So I did my best to massage her feet with my lips. From the way Vera reacted, I think she like it. Did you Vera?

Next, Mistress and Vera exchanged positions. With Mistress’s familiar feet in front of me, I eagerly kissed and licked away to thank her for her kindness in not inflicting too much pain on me. Vera on the other hand, were apparently more interested in inflicting pain. As I worshiped Mistress’s feet, my own were being caned by Vera. Bastinado has always been one of my most dreaded activities. Alas, what an irony to have to endure it in order to enjoy foot worshiping! But I was determined to give Mistress all that I’ve got. So I stayed close to her feet until the pain in my own feet became unbearable. And whenever I stopped worshiping, Mistress would signal Vera to stop caning. But I wanted to be close to Mistress’s feet too badly, so I’d resume worshiping before the pain in my own feet dissipate completely. This prompted Vera to resume the bastinado. The pain turned my normal foot worship routine into random jabs of tongue and lips against Mistress’s feet. Well, I may not have sold
my soul, but I surely sold my sole to be able to worship Lady Sophia’s.

May be Mistress eventually got tired of the lousy job I doing, so she signaled Vera to change positions. The last position of the scene had me on my back underneath Mistress’s shoe-less feet. As I breathed in the intoxicating scent of Mistress’s feet, Vera approached with candles in her hands. With a mischievous grin, Vera poured white wax onto my completely exposed vulnerable front. I cringed before the wax even landed on me while Mistress and Vera laughed at how wimpy I was. The white wax wasn’t bad at all, so my focus returned to Mistress’s feet. As I worshiped, Vera returned with increasingly hot wax in white and red, painting what must have been a beautiful picture on my body. Eventually, I was covered in so much wax that additional wax didn’t cause me any more pain. Mistress called an end to the scene.

Now the problem became how to rid me of all the wax so we can move on to the next scene. Vera started clawing with her nails first and removed quite a bit. It was then when I realized what it must have been like to be mauled alive by a lioness.  After more clawing by Vera, a light bulb went off in Mistress’s head.

“I wonder how the vacuum with the brush attachment would work!”

“Sure, try it.”

Then in came Mistress with the vacuum in tow, and I was quickly transformed into a carpet. Since I had a hood and a headphone on, I couldn’t see or hear much. But being vacuumed and brushed actually didn’t feet bad at all. Perhaps Mistress was laughing too hard to brush me hard, or may be she never intended to inflict pain on me. If this was what being objectified as a piece of carpet feels like, I’d play Mistress’s carpet every day. The view from below alone is worth it! And how many slaves get to say they get “sucked” in a session, albeit by a vacuum. :)

Above everything, what’s most amazing about this session was the erotic creativity of Mistress and Vera. They are both very smart and creative. And they are not afraid of applying their smarts in evil and erotic ways. Their great sense of humor helps too. I think these qualities is what makes Mistress so unique and lovable. I can’t wait to see what she’d come up with next time. – MM”