Just the other day I was thinking about the infinite possibilities regarding role playing in sessions.  It mostly came to mind because of a new client with a kidnapping fantasy that we plan on playing out– which, by the way, I’m really looking forward to.   I was looking around at miscellaneous BDSM websites inspiration but interestingly enough, most of these came out of my head.  Here is the list I compiled that I would be interested in playing out.  Other suggested additions are highly encouraged.

The cliches:
Teacher / student
Babysitter/ boy
Stepmother / boy
Boss / employee
Trainer / pony or puppy

The slightly more creative:
School bully / weakling
Wife / panty-wearing husband
Kidnapper / captive
Lady / butler
Nun / confessing sinner
Finishing school head mistress / girl in need of training
Police officer / prisoner
Doctor or Nurse / patient
Nanny / baby
Princess / servant or slave
Neighbor / peeping tom

The very creative:
Shopper / shoe salesman
Sorority girl / pledge
Troop leader / boyscout
Chef / pig (would need to be shaved, beaten to be tenderized, etc)
Sadistic personal trainer / exercise victim pushed to their limits
Sargent / soldier
Scientist / small penis subject