As I spent my down time between a no-show client and a non-existent session I misscheduled I had some good fortune.  One of the Mistresses at the dungeon I rent from had her slave there with her slave along with her doing some restocking of items, cleaning, etc.  When I lamented to him about my situation he asked if I would like to session with him to kill time.  That sounded great to me!

Not only did I get to see how to use the elaborate rope system on the bondage bed and practice my cock and ball bondage, he was tied down as my practice sub for my first hands on foray into using sounds.  I had only ever gotten to look on while one other Mistress used sounds on a very excited submissive.  Now I’ve gotten eager hands on them and a live subject!

All of you to come now have more to look forward to, and you can thank r.d.