Lots of exciting, but exhausting projects are going on this winter.  In case you’re curious why I’ve been a touch slow to answer emails and absent from NiteFlirt here are some tidbits to satiate your curiosity.  And hopefully, you’re looking forward to these things too!

1. Photos!  It’s been almost a year since I had my beautiful photos taken by photographer Chris Nightengale.  While I think I haven’t changed much at all in appearance I’m a big believer in accurate online photos.  I mean, who wants to meet an online connection for the first time to find out that they look nothing like their favorite photo of themselves that they’ve been using online for the past 10 years?  I have no set date or even outfits selected for this but it’s going to happen before 2011!  And if you happen to have location suggestions, specific or along with a particular genre I’m always open to new ideas.  The dungeon is always a solid backup choice though.

2. New Website! After a great deal of energy and funds expended, LadySophia.com is officially mine.  It may take a little while for a shiny new website to appear but it’s on its way!  Not that I have anything against WordPress but I believe I’ve outgrown the free blog site.

3. Clothes Clothes Clothes!  Over the past four months my wardrobe has increased exponentially:

  • Faux leather corsets, dresses, long black gloves, stilettos, and thigh-high boots
  • Slick vinyl and patent “leather” shoes, boots, and one very sexy dress
  • Uniforms! Blue scrubs, an authentic white nurse’s uniform (complete with custom medical name badges: “Mistress Sophia, R.N.” and “Doctor Sophia”), a military-style dress I discovered in the recesses of my closet along with combat boots, and my loved/despised Catholic high school plaid skirt that I wore for four long years.
  • Last but by no means least, my number one most requested item of clothing: office wear.

The only thing I really feel I’m missing at this moment is some latex.  If there are any rubber fetishists out there who would like to see me in dreamy slick skin-tight latex, I wouldn’t turn down a skirt and top or dress!

4. Toys & Tools: between a thoughtful gift-giver, a splurge at an SM conference’s vendors alley, and an hour of online shopping excess at www.VeganErotica.com I’ve got some fantastic new additions to my toolbox.

So look forward to new online content and session goodies this holiday season!  I always enjoy sharing my kinky enthusiasm with others.