You see it on almost every Domme’s website “Here’s My Amazon Wishlist!”  I’m no exception.  Obviously it’s a nice receive gifts and who expects anyone to be a mind-reader?  Great idea Amazon, you cash in and provide a way for gifts to be sent without revealing personal info. However, I always thought it was ridiculous that seemed to hold a monopoly on this feature that’s used so frequently by the proDomme crowd (and oh so many other online adult service providers).

Any retail site, SM related or otherwise, has the potential to do the exact same thing. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but JT’s Stockroom is the first one I’ve seen to actually do it.  Congratulations to the entrepreneurs at JT’s!

Oh, and here’s my carefully compiled wishlist of vegan BDSM gear:

Seriously, did you think I wouldn’t make one too?