Thank you million times! It was something out of this world.
You combined gentleness and softness and carrying with your energy and strength. It is amazing that I could feel as if I have known you for years, so comfortably and real, and human.
You know, years ago when I lived in X, I was a swimmer and speedy diver, but now I kind of out of shape, and do not look that nicely, with a belly, etc. And I would be intimidated to get naked in front of a lady, especially young and beautiful as you are. But I absolutely did not feel it with you, it was natural.
I have a lot of clips with ball busting, and I usually watch the style, but I turn the sound off, because the ladies behave like “mean machines”, and they play weird roles, often cruel. You were absolutely the opposite; which is how I noticed you on the web site; you looked kind and gentle there, while others looked aggressive. Life is way too aggressive out there to bring aggressively into your room.
People might say that I am a pain and torture freak. But you know it was not a torture. Torture is when one suffers, and another brings suffering. It was like a highly emotional conversation, a dialog between two people. The balls and the back parts are as conductive for the emotions as words are. It was like a nice gentle emotional conversation, like when you meet with an old friend, and enjoy his or her company. I think that’s why the crashing or squeezing felt better than slapping, because slapping is like a throwing a short word, while squeezing is like a long sentence, where you and I are not in a hurry to listen to each other, and I could watch you applying pressure firmly, but so deeply emotionally pleasantly; and I could feel your breath, and see your eyes; and feel the touch of your knee. It was not a pain caused by you to me; it did not feel that way at all; it was your feeling and emotions passed to me.
     It was better than sex. You know, sometimes I think about sex as something a little unfair. People are spiritually growing in love, become better, smarter, sharper, stronger, they create art and music, and then… at the end just 20mg of sperm, and that’s it – done. The last phase of love is not human, but is a basic instinct, and just a desire to “release the pressure”.
You are from a different world, which I did not know about before. I stepped into you door like in a far away universe – the way you dressed, you talked, you smiled, and even the way you told me about little “real world” things! It was so human and natural, but so different from a world outside with that loud train and people running to do their business.
It is a world which I want to know more about.
   I was driving back as happy as if I were in love again. I was looking at people driving by and was thinking that all those rat races are just speeding up the life and making it emptier and shorter. But just a few blocks – there is a room with soft light, and candles, and a beautiful very nice and gentle lady, where the whole outside world suddenly looses its importance and any sense and any value. – E.J.