This was the most unique, boundary pushing and surprisingly spontaneous sessions I’ve has so far this year!

You can view this on my “review” page as well.  I have to say, this session was very special to me as well. He has been devoted, focused and a clear communicator from day one. All three things I value in a slave/sub.


*WARNING* if you are not comfortable reading about toilet play I suggest you check out one of my other session reviews — different strokes for different folks. Also, I no long off brown showers. MM was an exception.

Last week, I had a session with Lady Sophia to celebrate her birthday. In order to surprise her, I asked her to step out of the dungeon and give me a few minutes of preparation. For the next few minutes, I did whatever I could to put myself into the position that I’ve been practicing for while making as little noise as possible. Oh, did I mention that it was done in very low light in order to go with the scene? I put on a pair of white stockings and silver pumps for a festive touch. Then I lied on my back with my legs in the air against the bondage bed and slowly drew my legs up and over my head until my ass was in the air and my legs were over my head. A pair of wrist cuffs went on my wrists next, followed by a humbler on my balls. I brought Lady Sophia the humbler as one of the two presents and I hope she’d use it on me some time. Finally, I picked up the long white candle I brought and inserted it dry into my ass. No lube because the candle would slide out and ruin the whole scene. I needed the friction despite the discomfort. I lit the candle in my ass and buckled my wrists to two eye bolts on the bondage bed. At that point, I was completely vulnerable and couldn’t have done anything to save myself had an accident happen with the candle. With that, I called out to ask Lady Sophia to enter the dungeon.

“I’ll come momentarily” came the reply.

No hint of when. For what felt like an eternity, I felt hot wax dripping into my exposed asshole while watching the glow of the candle. The whole time, I was willing Lady Sophia to come in soon before the candle burn its way into my ass.

Finally, I heard foot steps, and sound of the door opening. I sang happy birthday while Lady Sophia watched. I wish I could see the expression on her face. She blew out the candle soon after the song and I presented her the other present – myself for her to do whatever she pleased with, no calling red. We did take a few pictures. May be she would post them some time if she wants to.

The session progressed in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We had booked a 6-hr appointment so we had plenty of time to explore and enjoy the experience. After what felt like a couple hours of bondage and nipple play, Mistress invited me to take a break sitting across from her in the bondage bed. We started a casual conversation about what could be added to the dungeon to make it even better, and the topic of golden and brown showers came up. Mistress inquired about my experience in the area and I told her that I love both, especially consuming because I see it as the ultimate surrender. But I knew that brown shower is on Mistress’s hard limit list, so I never asked for it out of respect.

After the break, Mistress mummified me in saran wrap and sealed me in a large duffel bag. For a long period of time, I sweat while my arms became numb. But Mistress was nice enough to leave an opening to let some air in. That’s a great thing about Lady Sophia, she’s very safety conscious. And that allows me to trust her to the point of letting her do anything to me without calling red.

Finally, just a second before I passed out, Mistress opened the zipper, reached in, and blind folded me. She cut the saran wraps off me while I laid in a world of darkness not being to see what’s coming. After much effort, I was finally free of the binds and kneeling on the floor when she removed the blind fold. She was seated directly in front of me on the toilet seat with only her underwear on. With a mischievous smile, Mistress produced a wine glass and made me beg for it.

“Mistress, please grant me the honor of drinking your golden nectar. Please Mistress,” I begged in my most sincere and pathetic voice possible.

With another mischievous smile, Mistress pulled down her panties. Holding the wine glass in her hand directly beneath her vagina, she urinated into the glass while I watched, completely mesmerized by the beautiful way the golden liquid splashed into the cup. When the cup was full, Mistress handed it to me and made me drink from it. I did, and it tasted better than any fine wine.

After a few sips, Mistress took the wine glass from me and inserted a huge syringe into it. She pulled the plunger and collected a syringe full of her golden nectar. I thought she was going to inject it into my ass and give me an enema with it. In stead, I was ordered to lie on my back directly underneath her and open my mouth. Mistress injected the urine into my mouth slowly while I swallowed. This was a very sensual experience as it forced me to swallow frequently and thus better savor the aftertaste. The few minutes I had spent drinking it from the syringe was quite the highlight of the evening… until what came next.

Returning me to a kneeling position, Mistress once again sat on the toilet seat and pulled her panties down. I didn’t know what to expect. I though she was going to urinate again, but there was nothing underneath her to catch it. May be she was going to pee on the floor and make me lick it up. Then I saw her anal muscle contract… no this can’t be real… and again… and the tip of her stool emerged. First it was just a shy little tip the size of a pinky. Then a few seconds later, with more muscle movement, the rest came out in two near long and well formed pieces which landed on the sport sheet under the toilet seat. I could not believe my eyes. I was treated to the sight of my beloved Lady Sophia defecating right in front of my eyes. How her muscles moved, how her anus puckered, how the stool emerged and fell, it was a beautiful symphony to behold.

“Now eat it.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Really? After treating me to this beautiful sight, Mistress would grant me the ultimate fulfillment to consume her feces? Immediately, I bent forward, bit off a piece, and started chewing it in my mouth. The taste, the texture, and the smell all went with one another perfectly just like a gourmet dish. It was the most wonderful feces I have consumed ever. I bit off mouth full after mouth full, washing it down with what was left of her urine in the wine glass. This was the best dinner ever, and truly a night to be remembered.

I still don’t know what prompted Lady Sophia to grant me that honor. All that I can say is, with that, she will be owning me for a long long time.

I really wish Lady Sophia would add brown shower to her regular repertoire. Her vegan diet contains entirely of vegetable and grains. That, and the lack of meat in her diet, are what I think give her feces the wonderful quality. It was of a very fine texture but just firm enough to be picked up and chewed on. The closest thing I can think of is hummus. And the lack of animal protein means it doesn’t smell at all. That’s right, her shit really doesn’t stink! It is something to be rolled around in my mouth and savored slowly like a fine dish. I only wish I would have the chance to savor it again.” – MM