My dear friend and fellow Chicago Dominatrix Miss Maya Sinstress is currently recovering from being attacked by a dog on January 27th 2013. Her she was left with a large gash on her face, a broken nose and damage to her hand. Mistress Maya is on the mend but it’s going to be a long road ahead with mounting medical bills.

And this is where we can help!
For the month of February I’m offering $50 off my sessions
to clients who make a donation $100 or more to Mistress Maya’s medical fund!

Donate to Maya Sinstress's Fundraiser

While a discount on a session with me coupled with helping out a wonderful Chicago Dominatrix should be motivation enough to make a donation, I’ll give you a few more reasons:

  • You’ve always wanted to session with me.
  • You’ve really wanted to session with me again.
  • This is a logical extension of your fetish for medical play.
  • is completely secure and you can even donate anonymously.
  • I’ve donated through the site.
  • Good karma.
  • You’ll be punished for a good caused.
  • Seriously, when was the last time you received a spanking for a good cause?
  • You’ll get that warm feeling inside that accompanies pleasing your Mistress.
  • It’s the closest thing to a dominatrix Groupon you’ll ever find.


Here’s how to receive $50 off a session with me:
1. Donate $100 or more to Mistress Maya Sinstress’s Medical Fund through
2. Fill out my session inquiry form on the contact page of my website to set up a session.
3. Forward the email you receive from after your donation is made.

Fine Print: this offer is valid for any session scheduled before February 28th 2013. Donations are non-refundable. If you prefer to make your donation in person at your session I can personally pass it along to Mistress Maya. If you are a new client and want to make sure we’re a good match for a session before you make a donation, contact me via email. I reserve the right to deny the opportunity to session with me if you request illegal activity.