Thirty. As cliche as it is I still think in mild wonder/fear “Wow, I’m turning 30.” But the truth of the matter is that I don’t feel that age marker is as important as the experiences, decisions and sometimes just dumb luck that have brought me this far.

Just like most of you, I’ve had many lives. Jobs, that when you look at me today, you’d never have thought were part of my past. I’ve only worked as a Domme professionally for a year an a half. And while my time playing with kink has been far longer than that, it’s nothing like living and working it!

I’m not going to sit here and write some deep thoughts about one more birthday, especially when I have so many more to come. Even though it doesn’t always feel like it, 30 is young! I’m more excited about what I can make happen in my future when I’m smarter, more experienced, and have made more decisions that will have directed where my life is going. That’s what I’m celebrating this year.

And of course, while my birthday hasn’t arrived yet, there have been some very thoughtful submissives and kinksters who’ve brought gifts to sessions, hit the buttons on that result in a gift being delivered to my door and even written cards. I’m lucky to get to work and play with you all. You folks are too kind!

And if I had to make one material birthday wish, I’m hoping to save up or be gifted with a new computer. It doesn’t need to be a sexy Mac — expensive doesn’t always equal a good solid machine. I just need a more sophisticated desktop to handle the work-related projects that my little laptop left over from grad school can’t. I’m a DIY (do it yourself) kind of gal so I’m teaching myself website design (thanks for the book V.) so I can be the one to create my site. Further down the road video editing is another thing I’m excited to learn. And I’m sure you wouldn’t mind seeing some video of me or a better photo gallery on a shiny new Lady Sophia website. So if you’d care to lend a hand, even a $25 gift card to amazon is fantastic; those little suckers add up and I’m happy to get my computer from that site.

But gifting or not, thank you again for everyone who has supported me, kept an eye on me and overall made this past year delightful.