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Heads up! Booking fast this week

Just because I’ve been getting a lot of last minute requests for sessions I wanted to let folks know that I’m booked up until Friday.  So if you still want to session this week, get your ass in gear and contact me if you’d like to play on Friday, Saturday or Sunday!  Believe me, you’ll […]

A beautiful sight

No, the beautiful sight isn’t that ass in the air, it’s the clean floor that followed! This week my maid Alice put in some serious energy scrubbing a VERY dirty apartment floor (no, it’s not mine!).  Take a look at her blackened feet while she’s just beginning the job in the kitchen pantry!  Lucky for […]

Not quite as fun as a session, but…

Sometimes situations are out of our control.  This morning I was looking forward to a session but an unexpected event prevented my friend from joining me (don’t worry, we’ll reschedule!).  The news caught me just as I was about to walk out the door, dressed for office wear fetish play.  But rather than waste the […]

New Session Review by L.J.

I had the pleasure of a three hour session with L.J. in late May.  He recently submitted this review to be posted to my blog. *Note, we sessioned out of a second play space that I work out of. So if you specifically desire an elaborate space v. a more intimate one this is something […]

Thank Yous

I had to make a point to thank S. and Keith for their thoughtfully chosen gifts recently. I’ve been delighted to receive packages in the mail from my Amazon.com wish list from you two! Gift cards, luxurious salon shampoo (in case you were wondering why I smell so lovely in session), books books books, candy […]

Two photos from my San Francisco Weekend

Good things come for those who wait. Here are two photographs from a lovely role-playing session I had with two submissives while training at Cleo Dubois’s Academy of SM Arts in San Francisco. It started out sweet but a brutal interrogation made the two “friends” turn on each other.

It’s been far too long!

I’ve been dying to post a new entry on here all through my training trip to San Francisco, right afterward, then after sessioning with my new skills… and I have been so busy it just didn’t happen. So I assure you in the next day or so I will share a nice long blog post […]


Maybe it’s just that time of year, but spanking requests are a lot more frequent than usual.  Role play-related spankings, pain endurance spanking and just general tormenting of cheeks seems to be on peoples minds lately.  Spanking is certainly among the things enjoy doing, whether it be with my hand or some other implement.  A […]

CBT Session

I had a great ball busting session the other day. And got the sweetest letter from the sub afterward. He really put into words why pain isn’t just pain, it’s transforming, exhilarating and intimate, among many other things. I’ll find out if he’s willing to let me post the email. Truly a treat to read. […]

Thank you!

I just wanted to share my appreciation for the birthday gifts and well-wishes from my devoted, pets and subs.  They certainly brightened my day!

Birthday Time

Next week I’ll be turning 29. And to my delight I just got a wonderful birthday present: a two hour session with a new client who is curious about all things BDSM but hasn’t gotten to try much.

Happy Holidays!

Just thought I’d snap a pic today. Even bundled up in a warm winter sweater it turned out rather Domme-esque so I thought you all would enjoy it.  Warm and kinky Holidays to all!

Attending SM Course in SF

I’m delighted to share that in March I’ll be attending a 3-day course at The SM Arts Academy run by Cleo Dubois in San Francisco: The Professional Course of Erotic Dominance Intensive for Women.  I’m looking forward to this intensive because it will help me to improve my own skills on many levels and improve […]

A shout out to slave r.d. (a very lucky boy)

As I spent my down time between a no-show client and a non-existent session I misscheduled I had some good fortune.  One of the Mistresses at the dungeon I rent from had her slave there with her slave along with her doing some restocking of items, cleaning, etc.  When I lamented to him about my […]

Free to session… NOW

Between one no-show and a mistake on my part scheduling a fictional person this afternoon I’m left all alone with no subbies to play with.  All dressed up and no one to toy with.  If anyone would like a last minute session my afternoon is wide open!  Email me at [email protected]