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Visiting Los Angles July 7th – July 11th

The dungeon has been reserved, the airline tickets have been purchased and the bags have been packed. No, wait, the bags aren’t packed. What I decide to bring with me all depends on you!  I’ll bring my boots should I get requests from boot fetishists, the same goes for my medical gear, cross dressing accessories […]

Sophia, Vera and MM oh My! A session review

Earlier this year MM and I celebrated my birthday with a scene whose review warranted a “read at your own risk” warning.  For anyone who is traumatized by reading his first review, don’t worry. This one has no toilet play. Last week was another fantastic series of scenes. This time we were joined by my […]

Rejected by NiteFlirt

NiteFlirt.com has removed all four of my listings from their site.  My home page still exists, NiteFlirt.com/LadySophia, but if you scroll to the bottom where the buttons to call me usually are, there’s nothing.

A sampling of my new photos

Today my personal assistant returned from a special assignment. He knelt and offered up what he had been sent to fetch, a CD. What’s on that CD?  Brand new photos by Douglas Ransom, an amazing photographer that I, and a special friend*, were fortunate to work with last month.  I encourage you to visit his […]

Hello Birthday! 30 is Around the Corner

Thirty. As cliche as it is I still think in mild wonder/fear “Wow, I’m turning 30.” But the truth of the matter is that I don’t feel that age marker is as important as the experiences, decisions and sometimes just dumb luck that have brought me this far.

December News

Lots of exciting, but exhausting projects are going on this winter.  In case you’re curious why I’ve been a touch slow to answer emails and absent from NiteFlirt here are some tidbits to satiate your curiosity.  And hopefully, you’re looking forward to these things too!

Smart idea from the folks at JT’s Stockroom

You see it on almost every Domme’s website “Here’s My Amazon Wishlist!”  I’m no exception.  Obviously it’s a nice receive gifts and who expects anyone to be a mind-reader?  Great idea Amazon, you cash in and provide a way for gifts to be sent without revealing personal info. However, I always thought it was ridiculous […]

Cleaning House

Now this is the type of housecleaning I like!  I just sorted through my stockings and panty hose, pulling out the ones that have runs or holes in them or are dirty on the soles not worth the effort of cleaning. There are only five or six pairs, some beige, some black, but if you’d […]

For the love of all things medical

One of my growing interests is medical play. The more exams, physicals, sounding I do the more those metal implements sparkle and shine in my eyes. And that’s not just because I like to thoroughly clean all my equipment! This week I had the most lovely medical scene. I chose to session out of The […]

Feet Feet Feet

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a multi-Domme foot worship session. Mistress Sadie Morrigan is bringing on Miss Maya Sinstress, myself and two vanilla friends of ours to fulfill one kinkster’s fetish dream: three lovely dominant ladies, their gorgeous feet, verbal abuse and two additional ladies to witness his absolute humiliation. It’s always a pleasure to […]